Dr. Mobley is committed to making the world a happier, healthier place for people and their pets. This becomes evident when you review her unique career journey. Dr. Mobley began her career practicing veterinary medicine. She transitioned to become the Vice President of Diversity and she helped employees in their quests for career success at a Fortune 500 corporation. She later established Daphne Mobley, LLC to provide motivational methods for individuals to pursue their passions. Dr. Mobley returned to her veterinary roots by broadening the focus of Daphne Mobley, LLC to include animal related services to enhance the wellness of people and their pets.

It is clear that the human-animal bond is growing stronger every day. Pets have become integral parts of families and studies have proven the positive impacts that they have on people’s lives. Some of the many profound effects include assisting in psychological breakthroughs for autistic children, enriching the lives of war veterans and filling the voids left by loved ones who are no longer in households. Dr. Mobley can attest to the power of a beloved pet’s ability to serve as a healing balm. Her dog Pappy proved to be the remedy that she needed during a season of personal challenges.

Animals are sharing more daily activities with people and this has resulted in a strong desire for many to learn additional facts about their pets. Dr. Mobley also shares in this fascination with our furry friends and affectionately recalls how her infatuation grew. As a young girl she was filled with excitement each time that she watched the television show Lassie and the original Dr. Doolittle movie. During those moments, Dr. Mobley knew that her life works would somehow involve animals. Recognizing that there are millions who are similarly passionate about animals and want to know more about them, she is eager to share her knowledge with them.

Dr. Mobley uses her uniquely blended company, Daphne Mobley, LLC as a platform to provide information about pets as well as services that support people in their quests to achieve their true passions, overcome obstacles and become truly empowered to reach their goals. As the CEO of Daphne Mobley, LLC, Dr. Mobley firmly believes that everyone should have an opportunity to live a joyous life.

Daphne Mobley, LLC offers:

  • Dr. Mobley’s 5 Success Principles to overcome obstacles.
  • Inspiring and empowering presentations that provide methods to further enhance both human and animal well being.
  • Coaching services that enhance personal development and positions individuals to achieve peak performance.

Dr. Mobley tells an inspiring story. Her insights will open listeners' minds to new possibilities in their own careers.

-Robert Essner,
Retired Chairman of the Board, Pfizer